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The Dunsley Baxi
More efficiency more output

The Dunsley Baxi underfloor draught fires are available in 16" and 18" sizes. The complete unit is over 70% efficient and is amongst the top select few providing this high level of efficiency.
Baxi were the first to manufacture and market an underfloor controlled draught fire. In fact the name and product are so well known that an underfloor draught fire is commonly known as a 'Baxi' fire. Baxi are the market leaders.
Dunsley were the first to manufacture and market an open fire boiler which took the place of a normal brick fireback. Now, commonly known as a high output back boiler. Dunsley are the market leaders. Dunsley and Baxi have worked together to give you the best of both worlds, and have produced a boiler especially designed to go with the Baxi underfloor draught fire.


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