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Avance 400 multi-fuel stove
Avance 400 technical information
The video below shows the Avance under fire at one of our dealer showrooms,
notice the delightful dancing flame pattern!
Avance stove viseo link
The New Dunsley Avance 400
Woodburning Multifuel stove

Our newest development is the Avance 400 multifuel stove, based on the Avance 500 this stove has been designed for contemporary living and has passed all the new standards for Eco design 2022, with an energy rating of A+. Featuring a large glass window for a superb view of the dancing flames. Also available with bolt on log store see below left image.

HETAS approved
The Dunsley Avance 400 is a free standing Woodburning Multifuel stove approved to burn wood logs in smoke control areas. The appliance is constructed from cast iron and high grade quality steel plate. It incorporates interchangeable rear and top flue outlets and a fully adjustable base for levelling. Finished in a metallic black high temperature paint as standard with optional colours available.

How it works
The Avance has high level controllability with a fast response for high and low burn. The most ideal setting will quickly be found moving the slide slowly to find the most suitable position. Using the correct rate of burning, efficiencies of up to 82.4% burning wood logs can be achieved. The stove flue exits to fit a 5" (125mm) diameter fluepipe. The 5kW output of the Avance can vary between 3.5 - 7kW depending on weight and type of wood being used. Wood burning is standard on the Avance however a solid fuel kit is also available as an extra for burning smokeless fuels.


Click below to see sample paint colours.paint colour swatch

hetas certificate

Click image for
Avance log stores leaflet


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