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highlander 8 stove
The Highlander 8 Enviro-burn Solo Stove
Woodburning Multifuel stove

The newest addition to our range of multifuel stoves.

Clean & Clear
Enviro-burn clean combustion with tertiary and airwash air supply means a clear view of the flames.

HETAS approved
The Highlander 8 Enviro-burn Solo is a free standing woodburning multifuel stove approved to burn wood logs and smokeless fuel in smoke control areas. The appliance is constructed from 4 and 10mm steel and cast iron. It incorporates both rear and top flue outlet. The firebox is lined at the sides and top by extra high density "Refractory boards" and comes with a black metallic finish. Black handles are fitted as standard with hardwood, solid brass or polished steel available on request.

How it works
The Highlander Enviro-burn 8 Solo has two combustion controls. The most ideal setting will quickly be found moving the slide slowly to find the most suitable position. A riddling grate is standard on all models.

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